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DNA’s young adult supplement ya! carries a review of The Enemy of My Enemy today. I am finally back in Bombay after an exhausting first leg of the book tour. Since 13th July I have done four book launches and 26 school visits and readings. Am hoping to relax and work on the sequel to the gamebook in the following weeks.

In the meanwhile there is a quiz to be hosted in September and the possibility of promoting the book in Goa. More updates soon.

Media Coverage

How many people does it take to unwrap an audio book? 4 - a cricketer, a publisher, a musician and a writer!

How many people does it take to unwrap an audio book? 4 - a musician, a cricketer, a writer and a publisher!

The last few weeks have been a complete blur – school visits, book launches, interviews, Q and A sessions and in between meeting old friends.

The launch of Crickematics in Bangalore was outstanding and meeting another personal hero – Rahul Dravid – was an awesome experience. The stampede in the end was a bit unnerving, but Dravid handled it well.

The launch of The Enemy of My Enemy in Chennai will probably be remembered for the longest Q and A session ever at a book launch. Children and grown-ups alike were rather inquisitive.

The school visits in Bangalore and Pune were entertaining and exhausting and am looking forward to the 15 school visits that have been planned in Chennai over the next one week.

Here are links to some of the articles/ interviews/ coverage of Crickematics and The Enemy of My Enemy:

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Coverage of Crickematics on Rediff, The Hindu, Mid Day, Bangalore Mirror and MyBangalore

Book Tour: The Enemy of My Enemy

Will be on the road for the better part of next month to promote the gamebook.

First stop is a whirlwind tour of Pune where I’ll be covering seven schools in three days starting from the 13th of July (Monday).

Then back in Bombay for the book launch at Landmark, Infiniti Mall (Andheri) on the 17th of July at 6 PM.

Then headed to Chennai from the 27th of July to the 8th of August. The launch is on the 31st at Landmark, Citi Centre. Will also be covering a large number of Chennai schools during this time.

In between am headed to Bangalore on the 25th for a very special event. A story I wrote a while back is going to be launched as an audio-book by Karadi Tales. The story has been narrated by Rahul Dravid. Check out the details below and do land up if you happen to be in Bangalore.

Bangalore Launch of Crickematics!

Bangalore Launch of Crickematics!